RCI produces original engineering content across a wide range of design, strength, and dynamics topics with an emphasis on computational engineering. With an emphasis on production methods, each subject is presented with the individual contributor in mind who actually has to do the work and deliver final work products. This material therefore has a high degree of actionable content that is step-by-step oriented.

Currently, RCI produces monthly newsletters, YouTube HD video content, technical white papers, and an Engineering Wiki that support our core business of engineering consulting and training.

The RCI engineering library consists of thousands of textbooks, hundreds of thousands of pages of engineering materials, and an experienced group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) whose experience is constantly incorporated into our technical guidance.

If your organization is looking to develop a set of engineering methods procedures (like the Boeing Design Manual (BDM), or Lockheed Stress Memo Manual), RCI can help by providing much of the common subjects prepackaged and then help incorporate and develop your specialized methods.