RCI Instructors

RCI’s list of instructors:


Instructor and RCI President

Roulo Consulting, Inc. (RCI) is an engineering consultancy founded by Eric Roulo specializing in structural mechanics, training, and project management. With a deep background in aerospace and defense contracting, we utilize the Pareto principle to focus on the 20% of the material that contributes to the majority (80%) of success. When consulting, we use these principles to provide fast and accurate early appraisals of designs and concepts. When training, the material is focused on just the need to know, day-to-day, practical execution, and ‘what do you do on Monday’ aspects of your job. We provide the framework, philosophy, templates, and tools to dramatically increase your teams effectiveness starting the day after our boot camps and training sessions. By combining our consulting and training services, we help our clients build great engineering teams while delivering your project on time and on budget.

Project Management for Engineer Instructor

Nehal Patel (PMP), is the lead instructor for the Project Management for Engineers and Effective Systems Engineering Boot Camp. She shares her 14 years of experience and talent leading engineering development teams while explaining “what you do on Monday” in simple, easy to implement terms. Nehal’s work experience spans a range of roles from being an individual contributor designing military radar systems, leading a hardware development team of 8 with a budget of $10M, being a Program Manager overseeing military accounts for over $200M, and
heading the risk management function as a consulting at Booz Allen Hamilton for a $3B Air Force contract. She is a certified management professional with a bachelors in electrical engineering and masters in systems engineering and leadership.