About Us

RCI has provided structural analysis consulting and training services to the aerospace and transportation industries for 14 years.

What are we?

Roulo Consulting, Inc. (RCI) is an engineering consultancy founded by Eric Roulo specializing in structural mechanics, training, and project management. With a deep background in aerospace and defense contracting, we utilize the Pareto principle to focus on the 20% of the material that contributes to the majority (80%) of success.

When consulting, we use these principles to provide fast and accurate early appraisals of designs and concepts. When training, the material is focused on just the need to know, day-to-day, practical execution, and ‘what do you do on Monday’ aspects of your job.

We provide the framework, philosophy, templates, and tools to dramatically increase your team’s effectiveness starting the day after our bootcamps and training sessions.

By combining our consulting and training services, we help our clients build great engineering teams while delivering your project on time and on budget. When the needs of our clients exceed our ability to provide direct support, RCI teams with our collaborator of choice, Quartus Engineering, Inc.

What do we do?

RCI specializes in providing structural analysis support to the Aerospace, Medical, and Transportation Industries. Although we can provide direct consulting services for final analysis, our value proposition is in coaching and training of junior staff to rise to the level of competence required to deliver the final product to the consumer. While providing your existing staff with the required skills to conduct production level design and analysis, we focus on troubleshooting your deep technical problems, providing cradle-to-grave solutions for your new products and engineering challenges.

We want to engage your staff, transfer what we have to teach from our diverse experience, learn from your unique experience, and leave having provided an engineering framework and software architecture that your current staff can continue to develop to solve your future analysis problems.

How do we do it?

If you have a specific problem that needs solving or a complete project specification, we will quote a fixed price and work to a target delivery date.

If you have a project or problem requiring further specification, we usually proceed with an initial period of consultancy charged at a fixed day rate followed by one or more deliverables specified at a fixed price with a delivery date. At each stage, business functionality will be delivered and we aim to give the customer the freedom to stop or continue after each deliverable as required.

In rare circumstances, we can also provide staff on a more traditional contracting basis.

Our Training Division?

Aerospace Analysis Boot Camp: These one to two-day intense courses provide 80/20 rule
solution facilitating productivity gains of 5-10x instantly. Includes Initial Sizing & Hand Calcs; Structural Dynamics; Practical Project Management; Modeling and Simulation; and more.

Accelerate Your Career Basic Seminar: As taught by RCI Rocket Scientist, practical tools to implement on how to get the job done, influence people and ACHIEVE RAPID CAREER GROWTH BY: Beating Gladwell’s 10K hour rule; Using the 80/20 rule to focus; Communicating effectively; Building technical skills; Presenting; Setting career goals; Time and priority management.

Considering using us?

Please call me toll-free directly at (855) 724-8811 x700. I’m very happy to discuss your engineering needs and how we can help provide the capability needed to meet your goals.

Want a Job?

We’re always interested in hearing from people who would like to work for Roulo Consulting, Inc. If you’re interested, please review the resume guidance from Manager-Tools and contact us at: hiring@rouloconsulting.com with your resume attached.

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