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RCI Recommended Text Editors

Engineers should have a good text editor in their toolbox of software tools. Some traits of a good text editor are: Ability to open unlimited size files (i.e. multi-gigabyte) Cross platform (same editor on Windows, Linux, etc.) Free or very low cost Column editing/cutting No administrator install requirements fast search/replace functionality Here are some good […]

Transient Analysis of a Train

Transient moving load going down a set of elevated rail road tracks. The Analysis was done in NX/Nastran solution 129 and presents a random spectrum moving down the train track 30mph. The spectrum was converted into a time domain random signal and then applied as a moving load going from left to right over approximately […]

Kelly Johnson’s Skunk Work Rules

As part of my series on Successful Lists, Kelly Johnson ranks among the best. Primarily due to his tremendous record in aviation and the fact that he was perhaps the first to create an entirely new corporate structure that is now referred to as “Skunk Works.”     The Skunk Works manager must be delegated […]